Source One Five Presents:

The Latchkey Brigade

an original musical with music by Michael W. Smith

During the grueling years of World War II, life for the American family drastically changed. Fathers were off to war and mothers had no choice but to join the workforce. Children would go home, for the first time, to empty homes. They were called “latchkey kids”.

With hope hard to find and no mission other than mere survival, a group of “latchkey kids” band together to find solace creating music and art in an old forgotten theater. They also find their place: one of belonging and purpose. They soon become just as much a part of the cause as those on the front line. They not only learn the art of war, but the power of art in war. This new musical, making its debut with Source One Five, reminds us of a time where those who had so little to give gave so much and great change could come from the most unlikely of troops.

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Performances May 10-12 @ The Mocking Bird Theater