What am I singing?!



let me say that again…


We have all been there before. We talk ourselves out of going to an audition because we aren’t confident in what we are singing! If you have heard me talk about auditioning before then you have most likely heard me talk about your “book” or your repertoire. These are songs you love to sing that show off your vocal range! You should always be collecting them so that in times such as these, they are there and waiting for you! I promise you, auditioning becomes so much easier and more fun when you have your good ol’ reliable book of songs to choose from. Nowadays it is easier than ever to discover new songs because of YouTube. You watch one song and it immediately recommends hundreds of others just like it! My suggestion: get lost in YouTube musical theatre videos! Find an actor or actress that you love, binge every performance the internet has to offer, then try them out for yourself!

I could talk forever about creating your book…but for now let me throw out some of my personal recommendations for audition songs to use for The Latchkey Brigade. These are great songs to either sing OR push you in the right direction! I have listed a few songs for those auditioning for Latchkey Kids (boys and girls) and Townspeople (officials/fathers/mothers). Again, these are to inspire you…don’t feel like I will only cast those singing these songs! But a little insiders tip? I LOVE when I can tell the actor or actress auditioning did some research, found a smart song choice, and loves what they’re singing! If you have any questions about songs, cuts, or anything regarding auditions, reach out to me through our facebook or website. I will be more than happy to chat so that you feel your best walking into that audition room! Happy Prepping!

So let me breakdown quickly how I started to think about these songs. The musical is set during World War II. At this time in history boys are becoming men, girls are finding their place, men are bravely sacrificing, and women are leaving the home to become leaders in society! Those are some big character choices, am I right? So in choosing songs for auditions I want to find pieces that represent the “feeling” or “motivation” in the people at the time. Here is where it led me.


  1. Old Red Hills of Home - Parade


2. Seventeen - Tuck Everlasting


3. I Like It – A Bronx Tale


4. Different – Honk


5. Proud of Your Boy - Aladdin 



1.Times are hard for Dreamers – Amelie


2. Live Out Loud – A Little Princess


3. I’ll Show Him – Plain and Fancy


4. Better – Little Women




1.Forest For The Trees – Spitfire Grill


2.Fight The Dragons – Big Fish


3. If I Sing – Closer Than Ever



1.Hold On – The Secret Garden


2. All That Matters – Finding Neverland


3. Back to Before - Ragtime

Rachel Meinhart