Finding the Art in War: What is The Latchkey Brigade?


Have you ever opened a gift and been so thrilled but at the same time a little confused about its purpose? You open the gift, your eyes light up, a smile beams across your face and you exclaim

“This is amazing!!…what is it?”

Well, that is exactly what has been happening since we released our next show The Latchkey Brigade! We love all of your excited messages and kind words of encouragement followed by “what is this show?”

Fear not! I am here to give you a behind the script look at this musicals journey and how it is, in some ways, responsible for the creation of Source One Five itself!


Some of you have already guessed the background of this show. It was originally produced under the name Franklin: the Musical and written by our very own Anna Bovi with music by Michael W. Smith! For those of you who are just now joining us on our journey, let me explain. Back in 2014, Conner and I were cast by Anna in her musical that was performed at The Franklin Theatre. It started as somewhat of a passion project for all parties involved but after getting together and sharing our hearts we realized that there was a bigger player at work. The musical was a success not only because of its sold out status but because of the family it created and the stories it connected. The dream of Source One Five began. Now here we are, four years later with our inaugural show launched and the most wonderful community around us. We felt it was time to bring back the show that started it all. As all new works go, there are endless possibilities and evolutions of the piece that want to be explored. The original team is now back together rewriting this story to be better than ever!

“I’m excited to be working with Source One Five to rework this show. I always love the opportunity to do something different and being a part of the musical theatre world has been such a great experience.” - Michael W. Smith

It’s incredibly exciting for Conner and me to now be on the writing side of this rework as well. After playing the two leads we now get to evolve and mature them into even deeper characters than before. Some elements are staying true to the original...some have changed...the plot has thickened...the characters have grown...but first and foremost the heart and message have stayed true.

“The heart of ‘The Latchkey Brigade’ is really all about unity. We are stronger together than apart. Another element is the impact of children in communities.” - Anna Bovi



The Latchkey Brigade is set in the 1940’s in the heat of World War II. Though the show still takes place in Franklin, we want the focus to be on the time and conditions of our nation. “I think the WWII era is a fascinating time that has contributed so much to society today. I want the audience to remember what freedom costs and how, during those tumultuous years, every American played a vital role in that freedom. I want to hone in on the home front. Those families who were fighting a war of their own.” - Bovi.

Whenever you work on a show, you want to ask “Why are we telling this story?” as well as, “Are we the right ones to tell it?” Source One Five’s mission centers around being a “light in the darkness” and showing everyone that they have a voice and a gift that demands to be used. Our “latchkey kids” are more importantly a visual to our mission. This show which started out as a passion project turned into something much deeper through this company: A Purpose Project. We want to show that everyone has a purpose, and when used correctly, the ability to create powerful change!  

I know you probably have so many more questions and I WANT TO ANSWER THEM ALL! You can always message us on facebook and we will talk your ear off! And maybe it will even inspire the next post! 

We look forward to telling this story and to producing a show that involves all ages on the stage! Auditions are now posted for The Latchkey Brigade at

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